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Religious structure of modern Poland, Russia, France and Germany Essay

  • Submitted by: Dr Gonzo
  • on December 14, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Religious structure of modern Poland, Russia, France and Germany" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Europe has Christian roots. Nowadays, in most of European countries a dominant religion is some kind of Christian religion.   The most common one is Roman Catholicism.  
In modern Europe non of the countries is ethnical pure and all of European countries have same other religious apart from a dominant religion.
For example France has about 76% of Catholics and almost 10% of Muslims. It is a consequence of open door policy and also a result of inflow of emigrants from old France colonies.
One of the most Catholic country in modern Europe is Poland. Poland has been a catholic country since 966. More then 93% of the population are declared Catholics. During Partitions, I and II World War the Church has played an important role in saving national consciousness of Poles. This is one of the reasons why in modern Poland the Church still has so many followers and power.
One of the exceptions on denominational map of Europe are Germany and Russia.
In Germany, 43% of society are protestants like the Calvinists, the Lutherans and the Anglicans and 34% are Catholics. Those divisions are connected with certain parts of the country called “lands”. Those parts are different among other things in economical development and also religious structure. In 1701 the Hohenzollerns united German duchies in one country – Prussia. The differences in their culture have stood till nowadays. Also a big number of protestants is a result of Reformation in XVI century when religious like Calvinism and Lutheranism were popular among the urbanities and merchants. On areas of today’s Germany there were   relatively a lot of cities so those religions could spread easily.      
Russia is a Orthodox country. Almost 85% of the society are members of the Orthodox Church. In 1054 the Church was divided into two independent churches: Church with capitol in Rome and Church with capitol in Constantinople. From Constantinople has developed The Orthodox Church whom influences has expanded to area of...

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