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remembered event Essay

  • Submitted by: gimkcogfe
  • on October 5, 2009
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In the fall of 2004, two months into my freshman year of high school, I met the most popular and coolest group of people on my school campus or at least I thought so. Everyone in school knew who the popular kids were and some were even afraid of them. Most of my classmates just referred to them as the “Crashers” for some reason unknown to me. All the girls wore designer brand clothes, had the best hair, had graceful postures, and looked as they just came from a photo shoot. One look from them could probably give a girl self-esteem issues. Although some of the guys were kind of goofy in the face, they had most exotic looking eyes that could make a girl weak in the knees. They were built with muscles at the shoulders and chest. You could tell that the guys worked out from time to time and that they liked to show it.
I did not know many of my classmates because I had a problem remembering all their names. However, a majority of them seemed to know me because I was always with a different group of people, never staying with the same ones for too long at a time. I never stayed with a group too long because I would usually get bored of them. Until on one particular day, one of the “Crashers” came up and started talking to me. I could not believe what was actually happening.
“Hey, I have been seeing you on campus lately. We have the same math class, right?”
I was practically shocked that Ashley, one of the “Crashers” was actually talking to me. I tried to remain calm and to keep my cool while talking to her.
“Yeah, I think we have fourth period math together. Your name is Ashley, right?”
“Yeah. Hey, we have an extra seat at our table if you want to come and eat with us at lunch.”
I thought of it as odd. Out of all the people in our school, she decided to ask me. Of course, I said yes and continued going to my classes and acting normal while trying to hide my excitement. Throughout the day, I would tell myself that I deserved getting the chance for the...

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