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Repport ,Obseravation ..Etc Defintion Essay

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Description People trust those most like themselves. " the uncritical acceptance of suggestion ". It seems that people are most comfortable with that which is familiar, whether it be food, music, or human beings. beware from :IT IS TOO OBVIOUS". And if you get caught the client smells manipulation and becomes increasingly resistant.



Rapport (Empathy)

i used to send out a ocassion card and a birthday card to anyone who had ever bought a car from me (and i sold a lot more than anyone else).This is a clear example of intaining the rapport that i built in the initial sale. (By the way, my action could also be called "keep in touch marketing"

1-Mirror their body language 2-Mimic their tonality 3-During the conversation, breathe like they breathec 4-Match their rate of speech 5-Repeat and approve 6-Assume you already have rapport


Observation method is a technique in which the behavior of research subjects is watched and recorded without any direct contact.

keen observer will immediately sort out the problems and find a solution as soon as possible

interested in his work and strive to learn all the duties of the different phases. He must pay a close attention to, the customers, the product he sells


1-Open-ended questions will help you break the ice 2-Close-ended questions are answered by a simple yes or no. This type of questions should be used when the When selling a product or a service, sales,person is ready to close the sale 3asking the right questions is most of the Retrospective questions are those that show time the best closing technique used by the client the interest and understanding of experienced sales people the sales person towards the client.4Tactical questions are those used to level off the conversation between the client and the salesman 5-Rhetoric questions activate the attention of the potential buyer.

Practice makes perfect. Learn to ask...

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