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research paper

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  • on December 7, 2008
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The years in 1820 to 1840 are remarkable in American history. During this period of time, the nation has shifted to another state as a fast growing country in many areas. Economic is the most noticeable. Americans experienced of a rapid change in economic growth. The great west expansion, increased of mechanical productions and the emergence of modern domestic and international market are significant in American Economy during this period time.
The story of Harriet Hanson Robinson who is one of the female workers in the textile mills of Lowell illustrates the life of women in beginning 1830’s. The author is the image of a female of American in 1830’s.
Women go out of their houses and go to work as men for the first time in this period time. As most of other female factory workers, Harriet experiences many difficulties such as prejudice, low self-respect, low wage, more hours etc. Eventually they have formed a strike to gain more benefit at work when they were announced that the wages to be cut down. The strike was not successful but it is a start for the following evolution of women on the road of gaining their rights.
Harriet’s situation illustrates for most of the female workers at this time. Most of them are dependent at home before they go out and get the job. Now in the great demand and short hand worker in factories, they are needed in cotton mills. The author as a factory girl has experienced hard time in the mill. As with other women in the mill, she was treated with low respect. She and other women had to work long hour with little or even no benefit.
Even though women went out and started making money at this period time but they still had no right or freedom in many ways. The reason for working outside the house for these mill women is to support education for her male family members such as brothers. They had no property rights. They could not go to school or be educated since they had to work almost fourteen hours a day.
Women in mill...

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