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Research Process Paper

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The business issue our group chose to research is wages; comparing the way life is with high school versus college graduates.   The purpose of this research is to encourage high school graduates that life and dealing with cost of living increases is manageable and comfortable with a college degree.   A person does not have to deal with the restraints of just making it off a high school education salary.   The starting salary for a high school graduate is $9,879; starting salary for a college graduate is $37,771.             .   College graduates start off entry level more than a high school graduate that been with the company for 5 years.   Worldwide learn (2008) stated, “Many hiring officers like to recruit recent graduates of bachelor’s degree programs, since they possess the specific skills to perform detailed tasks and the broad cultural knowledge to relate to clients and colleagues.”   People are living life but are they truly enjoying life.   By going back to school and continuing education people will see how their money shifts from slaving over it, to it working for them.   A master degree graduate with 0-2 years of experience earns an average of $64,500, compared to a high school graduate with 15-20 years of experience earnings average $63,600 (Randford University- Education for life, 2008).
  Is it easier to spend 2-4 years in school to gain knowledge and acquire the skills employers want to invest in or settle at a job and work up to not enough?   People want to get that perfect job without investing the time in their education.   Everything has a price, either it’s paid in time furthering education or subtracting from their paycheck.   Employee job stability has changed due to the global job market; most companies are not investing in employees therefore, more employers rely on job seekers to develop his or her own skills in advance of joining a company (Worldwide learn, 2008).
Our goal is to motivate people to get that higher education degree and in doing...

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