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Research, Statistics, And Psychology Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Research, Statistics, and Psychology
Sandra Walker
University of Phoenix, Augusta Campus
Mrs. Anne Watts
September 25, 2010

Research, Statistics, and Psychology
    Research is a method that is used and is based on analyzing, collecting, and interpreting data that is in a certain framework. This information is based on observation or the measurement of true information that is without bias or emotions. Research aim is on solving problems and using step by step organized and logical procedures to identify problems, draw conclusions and get data. Research can also be a classical way of understanding; you only get an understanding by doing research on a particular thing or subject you want understanding about.
    During the 4th Century B.C. people believed and based all their beliefs on the interpretations on what they saw and the rest of the things that were going on in the world. They did no testing to prove or determine if their theory was correct; therefore, in the end they drew conclusions all by themselves and call them facts. Time went on and scientists came up with the scientific method, in turn this encouraged the scientists to go farther with test on their hypothesis before it could become a theory. The scientific method is a process in which scientists collect and in some time use to construct a true (something that is accurate and consistent) representation. The scientific method has four steps to make everything true and they are: Descriptions and observations of an observable fact form a hypothesis to explain the fact, use the hypothesis to make a prediction that will exist in other facts and perform a test of the prediction or other experimenters and experiments.
Comparison and Contrast of Primary and Secondary Data
    The terms primary and secondary data are used most often when research is being done. Primary research data is collected for the purpose of studying the work on hand. It is collected from experience...

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