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Research Writing Essay

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Below is an essay on "Research Writing" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Writing a Research Paper

No doubt, writing a research paper requires lots of work and preparation. Research paper is a piece of organized and logical work. Below is list of steps to follow to ensure a systematic approach to writing a well-organized research paper:

a) First pick a subject. One of the important things in the process of writing a research paper is to pick out the right topic for the work. The topic needs to be researchable. There are so many ways to narrow down the topics so it is not too board. Also, be sure that the paper topic is not too general. Choice of topic should be well thought out.   Can the material be found or is it worth investigating? Does the information have a connection to the chosen research topic?   Keep the objectives of the research in mind.
b) Gather enough information. Information can be obtained from any primary sources for the research topic. It is preferable to obtain academic sources. At this point, it is particularly important to take notes for subsequent steps.
c) Prepare a structured and detailed outline. An outline is a working research plan that helps structure and completes a well-planned research paper.
d) Prepare a first rough draft. Use the outline and follow it in order to cover the information collected for the selected topic. However, it is important to be sure that there is enough information for paper’s introduction and body
e) Start writing the paper. Try not to use complicated or lengthy sentence structure.   Use long sentences may result in confusion. On the other hand, simple sentences may be an indication of lacking knowledge of the topic and may even result in a dull research paper.
f) Finally, before submitting the final paper, be sure to review and proofread for several time to correct any misspelled words and grammatical errors.

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