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respect Essay

  • Submitted by: jopring
  • on December 7, 2008
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A rookie entertainer Sungmin, had just entered the business and is on the set of a variety show. In the back he had just eaten something with a powerful odor and used mouthwash, as he ran to the comfort room to spit it out he saw MC Sukjin walking his way. Since he was a rookie it was an unspoken rule to be polite and greet veteran entertainers. In his panic he decided to burn his throat and swallow the mouthwash in order to greet MC Sukjin, as mouthwash scraped his throat Sukjin just walked passed him. The youth are expected to show respect to older members of society in any part of the world but in this part of the globe it is on a level that surpasses that of ours here in the United States. Respect is something everyone appreciates but not always receives; respect is what helps keep society in order and is what upholds everyone’s personal hierarchy of those who are worthy of one’s time to those who are not.
Respecting someone does not necessarily mean you enjoy the person, respect does not equal approval. I know it’s a fact that not everyone admires the current president of the United States but many if not all approved of his war against terrorism. People respect George Bush because of his position as the President of the United States of America but they may not fancy him on a personal level. In ancient times when nations warred against each other there was a saying that you must respect your enemy. Do not underestimate anyone for they may surprise you is its meaning. Do you think those nations loved each other? Maybe, maybe not; I do think that they respected one another in the sense that they did not belittle one another’s capabilities.
My grandmother use to tell me that it is much easier to lose someone’s respect than it is to gain them. This is very true, any little action, word, look, smell, absolutely anything could compromise one’s outlook of you. A great number of people spend many years attempting to gain respect while it could only take mere...

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