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Retributive Essay

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  • on December 6, 2011
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We all know that crimes, whether small or significant, go hand in hand with a proper punishment for the offender, based on the severity of the crime. The process of punishment after a crime has been around for just about as long as mankind. However, how we treat the offender after a crime has some different approaches. Their are two ways the United States handles justice: a restoritive approach and a retributive approach. Each approach has the overall outcome of punishing the offender for the crime committed but each have different overall goals to the process.
A retributive approach is basically based on a need to simply punish the individual(s) that commit the crime. This process is the earliest known process of punnishment, where during earlier times, punishments were often extreme, often involving death or banishment(Schmalleger 313). Nowadays, the focus of a retributive approach is to punish the offender for what he has done, mainly resulting in impisonment, occasionally resulting in death for a capital offense. Because this approach focuses on the concept of an eye for an eye, the retributive justice will punish based on the crime. People deserve to be treated the way that they treat others. This concept seems fair but there are often issues with a retributive approach. Because this process focuses on revenge, emotions can become a significant part to the punnishment. Revenge focuses on personal hurt, and a response involves extreme emotions like hatred, anger, and bitterness. "Acts hat provoke a great deal of anger will, on the other hand, provoke an overly intense response and lead to reciprical acts of violence" (Maiese). Even if an eye for an eye seems like a fair approach, retributive justice can result in acts more dangerous and harmful than the original crime committed.
Restoritive justice deals with a much different approach to crimes and punishment. Victims and ones close to the victim are often traumatized in a result of the crime. Again,...

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