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Review On Sari Soldiers

  • Submitted by: amisarma
  • on February 26, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Review on Documentary of “Sari Soldiers”
“Deeply moving and wonderfully crafted… the inspiring story of the six women… reminds us of the significance of civil courage and the presence of justice…”!!!
Filmed over three years during the most historic and pivotal time in Nepal’s modern history, the “Sari Soldiers” is an extraordinary story of six women’s courageous efforts to shape Nepal’s future in the midst of an escalating civil war against Maoist insurgents, and the King’s crackdown on civil liberties.
When Devi, mother of a 15-year-old girl, witnesses her niece being tortured and murdered by the Royal Nepal Army, she speaks publicly about the atrocity. The army abducts her daughter in retaliation, and Devi embarks on a three-year struggle to uncover her daughter’s fate and see justice done. The Sari Soldiers follows her and five other brave women: Maoist Commander Kranti; Royal Nepal Army Officer Rajni; Krishna, a monarchist from a rural community who leads a rebellion against the moaists; Mandira a human right lawyer; and Ram Kumari Jhankri, a young student activist shaping the protest to reclaim democracy. The Sari Soldiers delves into the extraordinary journey of these women on opposing sides of the conflict and the democratic revolution reshaping their country’s future.
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First I would like to begin with…Krishna, the leader of the village; she worked for the safety of the villagers by gathering up all the people of the village. She taught and made people aware of the fact that “unity” is the only thing which can help them to face the troubles and fight against Maoists. Even though her family members didn’t support her, she kept on fighting for the welfare of the people of the village. Likewise, Rajni was a girl belonging to a middle-class family, who lost her army brother in a battle. Due to this incident her parents feared of losing “rajni” their only daughter!!! But despite this fact Rajni and her family stayed...

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