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Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: msmith08
  • on December 6, 2011
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Through out history there have been several scholarly debates over what constitutes a revolution. Everyday students are learning about the major revolutions the world has seen; for example the American and French Revolutions or the Industrial Revolution. But what does fighting for independence have to do with innovations in production? Although each revolution has its own set of characteristics and outcomes, all have a similar base of elements. To initiate my research I simply searched the definition of revolution. Not one description was exactly the same. However, all mentioned the same word, change. With that being said, I believe the need for change is a key element of any revolution. Another basic element of a revolution is whom it affects. While the idea may only stem from a small group of citizens or “revolutionaries”, a revolution affects all people living in that particular region, voluntarily or not.   Lastly, I will discuss what makes a revolution successful or even possible. There are major influential events during all revolutions that seem to intensify the cause. If it weren’t for these breakthroughs the revolution as a whole may not be successful.
The first and major element of a revolution is the need for change. It starts when people get the vision for something bigger and better. There’s no saying what that vision may be. For the colonists it was the desire for sovereignty. For Napoleon it was the yearning for reform. For James Watt is was the necessity of the steam engine. Any change in efforts to make conditions better or favorable for the revolutionaries. To how this change is made is different for all. During the American Revolution the king imposed taxes on the colonists to relieve the burden of English taxpayers. This only worsened attitudes towards the homeland and resulted in a dwindling relationship between the two. Although war was significant, it was the meetings of the Continental Congress and the eventual construction of the...

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