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Below is a free excerpt of "rhetorical essay “IS THE U.S PATRIOT ACT EVERYTHING IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE?”" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Most people are clueless about the laws that are passed in the U.S until they are put into effect.   In a column that was posted in The Nation, Williams, tries in relaying her point that the U.S Patriot Act, which was established as a means in thwarting further terrorist acts, is taking away the very rights it is trying to preserve.   Throughout the paper she tries in establishing a foundation with the reader.   To get the reader to really take her point into consideration, she uses rhetorical appeals.   She builds her character and credibility to build up her ethos and how she wants to project herself.   She also appeals to the reader’s emotions through pathetic appeals, the pathos.   Lastly the actual information and rational to the paper must be well developed which can be established with the logos.   She completes all these requirements to tell us why the U.S Patriot Act isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
In this column written by Williams, she establishes her ethos very well.   The author already has established her extrinsic ethos, which is basically her reputation.   She has graduated from Harvard Law School and has taught at the University of Wisconsin, City University of New York, Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, and Duke.   Now she currently teaches at Columbia Law School.   On top of that, she has published numerous scholarly journals and national magazines.   Some of her books are The Alchemy of Race and Rights and Seeing a Color-Blind Future: The Paradox of Race (Williams 794).   So she is recognized by many people already and can be deemed trustworthy because of her extensive background.   However she also goes and builds upon her ethos through her intrinsic ethos, which is the impression readers get through reading the paper.   When reading the paper a reader can get a sense of sincerity from the author.   In her writing she looks out for the people and talks of how they are being unjustly treated.   She is sincere in implying that this paper is meant to help us and...

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