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Rise Of The Machines Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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WRT 101 H.C TH 10:40, ORG PUR
                        The rise of the machines.
Technology has progressed to a point that makes it almost possible to do everything with a computer. Many people these days wonder whether it is possible to create an equivalence of human in a machine. But looking back about 500 years ago technology was moving very slow. Today a lot happens in six months and the technology grows exponentially faster than it was in the past years. In forty years it is predicted that   the pace will be so fast and humans will not be able to catch up unless they enhance their intelligence by merging with the intelligent technology that will be present.
By 2020 we will have computers that will understand the human brain completely. Ten years after Ray Kurzweil believes that the process of reversed engineering the human brain will be over and this will provide the software of algorithms methods to simulate all human brain capability including emotions. The computer by then will be so powerful and advanced than the human brains; however, humans will be merged with computers to make them more superior in many ways. For example humans will be able to share knowledge or information easily and remember billions of things accurately.
Imagine a world without death? This sounds pretty amazing because everybody would want to live forever. However Ray Kurzweil has a plan to live forever. It involves exercising daily, eats a certain amount calories per day, drinks alkalized water and takes more than 200 supplements in a day to keep him healthy. But the nature of our human bodies no matter how well we take care of them they will always fail us either through diseases or aging. I guess that’s the meaning of being human. However he is planning to overcome all these by trying to live long up to a point where technology will be able to make it possible for merging of humans and Machines. Then survive as a machine...

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