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risk Essay

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Dear Premier,

I believe change derives from feeling unsafe to being safe and making an impact to the levels of victimization. This is why I want to now direct your attention to the risk factors of crime and victimization; level of crime in our province; and how much crime it is costing for Ontario’s taxpayers.   In addition, I would like to propose several recommendations that can make significant changes to Ontario’s crime level and reduce victimization.

1. The Risk of Crime and Victimization to Canadians and its costs to taxpayers and to victims
The risk of crime and victimization in general generates significant impact on taxpayers and victims in terms of expenses, because police officers are trying their best to catch offenders.   No matter how much taxpayers spend, it will not lead to drastic reductions in crime, rather it will cost twice as much and will lead to cutting back social programs.   In this case, the social programs are most effective strategies to utilize in decreasing crime.   It is the misconception that punishing harder to criminals will protect Canadians and citizens from harm. In contrast, the reason for such expenditure on crime prevention is that police officers are hired more from the government, which leads to more work for lawyers, and which leads to paying more for incarceration.   The concept behind preventing crime loses its meaning through increase policies and over paid programs that reduces the effect in reducing crime or the lesson. Therefore, when investing in such programs or strategies, it is important to make sure that the focus is towards the basic principles of justice for crime victims.

2. The Causes and Prevention of Youth Crime
The causes of youth crime develop from three longitudinal studies that show the risks such as: (1) Raising children up with inconsistent and uncaring parenting which includes the witnessing of violence in home (2) Youths being excluded from or dropping out of secondary school (3) Young adults...

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