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Risk Essay

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EVENT: Art and Craft Exhibition
This event is to be coordinated by the local art society. It will be a free event to enter and there will be a substantial monetary prize for the winner. We wish to make the event accessible for all of the community so it will need to be in a central location. The Rotary club has also shown interest in assisting with this project as they hold an annual are exhibition so have experience in setting one up. This event will be open throughout the weekend.
Estimated number of guests: 150

Risk Assessment Sheet

|Workplace location:                                     |                                                 |
|Name of person conducting assessment:                   |                                                 |
|Date:                                                   |                                                 |

Weather is cannot be predict, it can be hot, rain and many different situation. If it’s hot we need consider heat stroke problem and make sure visitor safety. If it’s raining, possible happen is slips and falls as wet, and also need consider electricity leakage problem to ensure safety.

|Spot the Hazard                                           |Assess the Risk                 |Fix the Problem                                                                     |Evaluate   Results                           |
|Identify the work task or |What are the hazards associated|Is the risk associated with the|If the risk is deemed unacceptable for the task, what will be done to reduce or     |Go through the first 3 steps               |
|activity?                 |with each activity?             |hazard low, moderate,           |remove the risk?                                                                   |again to ensure risk levels are now at an   |
|                           |                               |significant or high?           |...

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