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Roanoke Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Quok Shee’s Unreasonable Detention
After nearly a month of sailing, Quok Shee was detained for 20 months on Angel Island before she was allowed to enter the United States. The Immigration Service argued that Quok Shee was not Chew Hoy Quong’s real wife and detained her. Quok had been interrogated twice during which the same questions were asked over and over again, each time in a slightly different way, brusquely back and forth in order to prove that Quok Shee and Chew Hoy Quong were not husband and wife (Brade 35). However, the interrogation of Quok Shee was not the standard examination for immigrant information but a way to prevent Quok from entering America. Quok had the required paperwork required to enter the United States; therefore, her detention could not be justified and she should have been allowed entrance to the United States after her first interrogation session.

The Immigration service detained Quok on Angel Island claiming that there were discrepancies between her and Chew’s testimony. The inspector asked many details,such as the number of visits made by the alleged husband to his home village, the nature and number of occupants on the second floor of their Hong Kong building, whether the apartment had a metal clock or wooden one, and the number of men accompanying them from the house to the steamer (Brade 35-36). Faced with the Immigration Service’s unnerving and inquisitorial questioning, even the most honest immigrant would make some mistakes on details during the interrogation. Moreover, there were too many detailed questions about their life in Hong Kong; anyone who had travelled such a long journey and had been isolated immediately after arrival would have had difficulty giving a correct and precise answer. Chinese customs were different from “civilized” Western ones, especially those that concerned the status and treatment of women (Ball 73). Chinese women were considered unworldly, uneducated, sheltered and basically incompetent in the...

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