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Robert Edward Lee Essay

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Robert Edward Lee

Around early 1860s, President Abraham Lincoln offered Robert E. Lee to

take control over the entire Union Army.   Robert Lee did not accept because

Virginia was seceding from the Union, despite his wishes of taking command of

the Union Army.   In April 1861, when the state of Virginia decided to secede from

the Union, Robert Lee realized that he should follow his home state.   Afterward,

Lee's important role in the established Confederacy was highly intended to serve

as a senior military adviser to President Jefferson Davis.   One of Robert Lee's

aboriginal field sways for the Confederate States was achieved in June 1862

when he took command of the Confederate forces in the East, which Lee

recalled as the "Army of Northern Virginia".

Robert E. Lee was born at the Stratford Hall Plantation in Westmoreland

County in Virginia.   Robert E. Lee along with Henry Lee and Anne Hill Lee were

the heros of Revolutionary War.   With attention to, both of Robert Lee's parents

were members of the Virginia gentry class and both were true cohees.   His

mother augmented at Shirley Plantation, which was a very eye-filling and

dazzling home located in Virginia.   For the time being, Lee was only eleven years

old when his father past away, causing him to leave the family in deep debt.  

Robert Lee's older half-brother, who was the householder of the Stratford

Bailiwick Plantation, had reached his majority to be able to determine Stratford

as his own home.   With this in mind, all Lee's family actuated to Alexandria,

Virginia, due to Robert Lee's academic and religious desires.   Robert Lee

accompanied Alexandria Academy.   Lee achieved classical education such

quadrivium.   Everyone at the academy assessed Lee as a top scholar also as

someone who capped at mathematics.

In 1825, Robert Lee inputted the United States Military Academy along

with becoming the very first cadet...

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