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Robin Hood Case Essay

  • Submitted by: jbosch
  • on March 2, 2011
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The Robin Hood Case

Robin Hood Case
After reading the story four times and trying to put myself into each characters unique position, I think I understand why each person acted the way they did.   Every person in the story morally did something wrong in my eyes.   The sheriff slept with Maid Marion to release her friends.   Maid Marion suggested that they sleep together to get her friends out of jail.   Robin Hood and Little John committed some kind of crime that we don’t know about to get put into jail.
The person I think that showed the most morality would be Robin Hood.   He committed a crime and never asked Maid Marion to sleep with the sheriff to get him out of prison.   The story doesn’t really seem to have a lot of details about what he did to get thrown into jail or how long he was going to spend in jail.   Maybe it was only going to be a few days, in that case why would Maid Marion need to sleep with the sheriff to get them out of jail.   Things would have been fine between Robin Hood and Maid Marion at that point.
The person I think showed the second most morality is Little John.   Here again we don’t know what crime was that he committed or how long he was going to be in jail for but I assume he was willing to do his time in jail and get released.   He does have a morality check towards the end by riding off into the sunset with Maid Marion, but all he did was profess his love for her.   Probable should have considered that he and Robin

Hood were good friends and friends should not date others past relationships because it will eventually cause issues between the friends.   He did try to defend Maid Marion for helping them get out of jail and that probable didn’t sit well with Robin Hood knowing her track record of sleeping with the sheriff.
The Sheriff in my mind did act immorally for sleeping with maid Marion.   What we don’t know is if the Sheriff was married or not.   If he was married then he committed adultery which is immoral.   It was also immoral...

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