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Roman And Chinese Essay

  • Submitted by: jessicaduong96
  • on December 5, 2011
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Between the 2nd century B.C.E to the 1st   century C.E, technology has proved an important role in the modernization and advancements of empires such as the Han and Roman. Both the Han and Romans had different views on technology. The Han's attitude towards technology was more appreciated where as the Romans were dependent on the technology for everyday usage. The different attitudes can be explained by the different empires and parts of society the authors of the documents were part of. All of the documents were either written from the upper-class, political or government leaders who all had the own beliefs and opinion on what the technology is like without being in direct contact with the tools like a worker would have been.
The Han's appreciation for technology showed more as the Han government official requested to establish water conservation offices with people who are experienced in “the ways of water” (doc 1) in early second century B.C.E. Also the Hans discovered new technology that could save the “common people” such as the water-powered blowing-engine invented by Tu Shih in about 31 C.E (Doc 4). Tu Shih was a governor that was loved by a lot of people, he was a generous man that loved his people and wished to “save their labor” (Doc 4).   Other tools that were invented to have less labor on the workers were the pestle and the mortar, invented by a Fuxi (A mythological wise emperor) (Doc 3). These tools increased efficiency ten times , later on the power of animals were added on, water power was also applied and the benefits were increased “a hundredfold” (Doc 3).Huan Tan the author of document 3   was a male who was a philosopher, he was wealthy and a writer and also a historian. Not only did the Hans have good technology, but they also had difficulties as well, such as the discourse of salt and iron around the first century B.C.E. Iron and salt were of high quality, but the states took control of the salt and iron trades (Doc 2) which led to selling them...

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