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Roman Influence Essay

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  • on December 8, 2008
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The Romans, an influential group of people who mastered various skills and artisans; such as architecture, military tactics, and ingenuity. By the 5th century Rome collapsed, the end of the age of antiquity and the start of the Dark Ages ; what caused the decline of the once mighty Roman Empire to fall? Many historians argue upon the cause of the empire’s destruction, often overlooking some of the most obvious reasons for its decline. This essay will be explaining the various reasons of why the Roman Empire collapsed at the turn of the 5th century.
One aspect, that played a large role and initialized in the decline of the empire, was the spread of disease, the Plague to be exact; and it was that spread of disease, which decimated over one-third of the populous and brought the empire into a state of vulnerability. Overpopulation caused the Plague to spread among the majority of inhabitants, specifically the lower class peoples, who were more at risk to contracting disease than that of someone in the higher classes. With the lower class people ill and dying off, the Romans had very few slaves working in the latifundias, which was equivalent to the plantations in 1850 United States, and supply those in the higher-class status with food; many Romans died of starvation and infected food products catalyzed the spread of the Plague throughout the empire. The military might, of the Romans, also had to face this epidemic and were severely weakened; the number of Romans capable of serving in the military was at a low-point . With the military dwindling, the Romans face an even greater threat than that of the plague, the inevitable barbarian hordes that were anxiously awaiting at the edges of the empire to strike.
On that note, this brings up one of the largest factors to the crash of the empire, constant warfare to defend the remaining Roman citizens from attackers, both foreign and domestic. Invasions from the east, by the Visigoths and Persians, persisted...

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