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Romantic Comedies Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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Romantic comedy is a genre of film which captures moments of true love between the male and the female gender. Gender is defined as set of classes that distinguish the different characteristics of masculinity and femininity. The gender representations that exist in romantic comedies are exaggerated, yet they exist in real life. Films somewhat follow our stereotypical views, yet there are many aspects of romantic comedies which contrast our perspective towards gender- challenging the stereotypes. These aspects can be depicted from two modern movies Bridget Jones’ Diary and What Women Want. Romantic comedies tend to connect fantasy with reality through the ‘true love’, and comically follow the ups and downs of the relationship, usually caused by differences between the genders. It is quite obvious why these pleasant and merry movies are engaging such large audience.

Men usually are the catalyst of the love inside romantic comedies. Stereotypically, men are the ones who propose to the woman, or chase them around with flirtatious attitudes. Most times, men initiate the relationship, as in many scenes in Bridget Jones’ Diary. This is one of the conventions in romantic comedies, and can be noticed during the early scenes of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) sends flirtatious messages towards Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) to try and seduce her. This small scene represents masculinity, which attracts women with their charm, their sophisticated image, and their high rank status, rather than true love itself.

In romantic comedies, men are represented as careless for love itself, and only interested in having affairs with women. They are shown as Lotharios who treat women with no respect, only using them to satisfy their own lives. Also, when the woman finds out that they are not loved but is used for the men’s pleasure, they are shocked and cannot think correctly. This can be seen in a particular scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary where Bridget walks...

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