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Romeo And Juliet Essay

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When informed of the suicides, the first suspect was Capulet, Juliet’s father. Witnesses overheard a fight between Juliet and Capulet concerning Juliet marrying Paris (Act three, Scene Five). Other actions and by Juliet’s father could have been an impact on the suicides of Romeo and Juliet. Capulet allegedly was forcing Juliet to marry Paris. Capulet was overheard to say:
‘hang thee young baggage disobedient wretch’
‘O heavens! O wife, look how our daughter bleeds!’
(Act Three, Scene Five, Line 165)
This dagger hath mistaken, for, lo, his house
Is empty, on the back of Montague,
And it mis-sheathed in my daughter’s bosom!’
(Act Five, Scene Five, Line 208)
When Capulet heard about his daughter’s death he believes that Romeo was the one that should have gotten stabbed and but eventually came to an agreement with the Montague family.   Capulet did not have much of a motive as to have his daughter commit suicide, as Juliet was Capulet’s only daughter, Capulet had no obvious motive for him to purposely lead his daughter to commit suicide.

The second suspect to be brought into the investigation was Friar John. He was unknown to the Capulet and Montague families, but a good friend of Friar Lawrence who allegedly gave him a letter to give Romeo informing him that Juliet was not really dead.   Friar John was unable to deliver the letter to Romeo in Mantua as there was an infectious disease stopping him from leaving his house (Act Five, Scene Two). Friar John’s actions contributed to the suicides as they if the letter was delivered to Romeo, in result he would not have taken the poison which also lead to Juliet’s death.   Friar John may not have had any motive towards these two suicides, but his actions were a large contribution towards them.

The third suspect to under go interrogation in this case was Nurse, Juliet’s nanny and best friend.   Witnesses have testified that Juliet trusted nurse with her secrets and her thoughts; this is shown when Juliet confessed...

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