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romeo and juliet Essay

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Jungle of Hope

Character 1
The main character of Jungle of Hope is Pak Kia. Pak Kia is an honest, steadfast and simple man who believes strongly in the old way of life passed down by his ancestors and which he is familia, with. This is the Malay way of life that centres around the rice-fields that give the people food, as well as around close community ties that bind the people together.
Pak Kia, the 搈ost steadfast and diligent of the rice-planters? prefers to work hard rather than switch to planting mbber trees in order to make more money. He represents the 搖nchanging tradition of the Malays.?He believes in the 揗alay way? For Pak Kin, the rice fields symbolise culture, family and a way of life. Others are eager to give up their land because they feel the times are changing. When floods destroy their rice-fields, they take it as a bad omen, and they give up. They are also eager for the 搇arge amounts of money?offered them for their land. Pak Kia, however, remains steadfast, patient and hardy.
In the end, because he cannot stop or prevent changes from taking place, Pak Ma sells his land. However, he does not give up his way of life. Since the village will no longer be the same once mining activities begin, Pak Ma decides to move elsewhere. He goes into the jungle to open new land, where he and his family will live as they have always done, It is tough work, and Pak Kia faces many challenges and even the tragedy of his babs death, but in the end he succeeds. He builds a new life for his family that is rooted firmly in the old way of living and in the old values and principles.

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