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Romeo An Juliet Essay

  • Submitted by: jamoutloud
  • on December 14, 2008
  • Category: English
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Romeo and Juliet
So you’ve herd of the famous play by William Shakespeare, right?   Well if not then I guess you’re learning something new today.   I have herd both the play and seen the movie and I prefer the movie better. Since this play was wrote in the mid 1950s which is why the language is very different and hard to understand.   Also, sitting in class listening to the play wasn’t very interesting and the movie was more modern, which I like. One fixation I did like about the movie/play is that it can kind of relate to modern day teens in high school.
Foremost, I don’t like to read in the place so reading something that I don’t understand made it even harder. The play was puzzling at times, but then when you hear famous parts of it resembling, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”(Shakespeare,71) it is easy to understand, so I guess if I read it again I would understand most of it. What I liked about the movie was that I got to see what was going on so it made since. My all time favorite part in the movie is when they first meet at Juliet’s house party, they are in the evaluator. They keep kissing while the door keeps opening, but sadly it doesn’t happen like that in the play. Things that were distinct between the two: scenes, setting, and time.
Another reason I enjoyed the movie better was because it was modern. Well since the play is very old and the movie is more resent, they have a more modern setting. Some differences between the play and movie that make it more modern are that the people dress in tee shits and jeans or shorts, they drive cars, have guns instead of swords, and the music. In the movie at the party they played music and in every scene it went with what was going on. The scene with music, I thought was the best was when they were at the beach and after mercutio was killed and a storm came in and the music got really scary. So when I was watching this in class it was so much better and I actually paid attention.
Of course I saved...

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