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Roots Essay

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1.   List all of the functions of roots.
they give plant support, anchor the plant in the soil, absorb water and minerals, some perennials store starch in roots.

2.   What is the function of the root cap?
it secretes mucilage that acts as a lubricant

3.   What is the function of the stem apical meristems?
the region of cell division in roots.

4.   What occurs at the region of elongation in a root?
cells lengthen as they become specialized

5.   What function do roots hairs have?
they increase the surface area of the root.

6.   What are some examples of roots that we eat?
carrots, beets, turnips, and radishes.

7.   What sort of root system do dicots have?  

8.   What sort of root system do monocots have?
they have fibrous root system.

9.   What is the function of epidermal cells in a root?
they absorb water and nutrients.

10.   Root hairs absorb dissolved nutrients from soil spaces through the process of active transport.

11.   Root hairs absorb water through the process of osmosis.

12.   Which process needs ATP.
active transport.

13.   What causes root burn?
when the concentration of water in soil spaces is too low.

14.   Why does over watering a potted plant kill it?
because it suffocates it

15.   What is the function of the root cortex?
it moves dissolved nutrients through the cortex toward the center of the root.

16.   What surrounds endodermis cells?
casparian strip

17.   What is the function of the Casparian strip?
it forces water into the vascular tissue because it prevents water from moving in any other direction.

18.   What is root pressure partially responsible for?
for pushing water and nutrients upward.

19.   What is Mycorrhizas?
mutualistic relationship between plant roots and fungi.

20. What are the functions of root nodules in legumes?
to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use.

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