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Rosa Lee Essay

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In this essay I wanted to reveal the extreme importance of a role model in every child’s life.   I want to show future parents that what they do in front of their children could easily affect the rest of their lives.   I hope that anyone who reads my essay does serious thinking about being a good role model themselves.   I hope that readers will look at this essay seeing Rosa Lee as an example of what not to do.   I did not have any significant problems when writing this paper.   I wrote down all the topics I could think of that related to my thesis statement.   From there I continued to back up my thesis statement using the topics I came up with while brainstorming. This included simply explaining why Rosa Lee was the opposite of a good role model. Also I decided it would be a good idea to use Alvin and Eric’s cases as examples of what a good role model should do for a child.

Karl Finley
Dr. Susan Lord
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Rosa Lee
Rosa Lee is a text full of very depressing and unfortunate happenings. Leon Dash, investigative reporter for The Washington Post, records four years in the life of Rosa Lee Cunningham's poverty stricken family in Washington, D.C.   He tells about how Rosa Lee raised her children around drugs, alcohol and crime. She too took part in such activities including shooting up heroine in the house with her children and supplying them with various other drugs. Rosa Lee completely neglected her children.   It’s hard to believe that she even cared about her children and their future at all.   Rosa Lee is the complete opposite of a good role model.
All children, no matter the surroundings, look up to their parents. They have a tendency to imitate the ones that they look up to. Children can know only what their guardians have taught them. Patty is a classic example of this. She began stealing to get what she wanted, started abusing several different drugs, had sex with men for money, had children at a young age, and was...

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