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Rosalind Franklin Essay

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Amanda Guzman
Feb. 8, 2011
Period 7
Rosalind Franklin
Rosalind Franklin was for one, a pioneer in the discovery of the DNA double helix and a world renowned scientist.   In the race to find the secret of life, she faced many hardships along the way but because of her strong character she achieved much more than anyone could imagine. Rosalind was born on July 25, 1920 and went to St. Pauls Girl School. When she was around 15 years old she showed high interest to science and chemistry then decided she wanted to become a chemist. Rosalind went to Kings College to study chemistry and graduated with her Ph.D. She worked there as an associate for John Randall and joined other male chemists to study the. Franklin may have discovered “Photo 51” but James Watson and Francis Crick are the individuals who received a Nobel Prize for the discovery shared by Maurice Wilkins. But Franklin did achieve way more than most men her age which shows her determination.   For what Rosalind Franklin achieved in the understanding of the DNA double helix and advancements in modern biology, she should have received a Nobel Prize.
Franklin devoted a lot of her time into science. This is one reason of why she should have received recognition. While most of her family and friends were going on with their lives such as getting married, having kids, and making a living, Rosalind was busy studying and moving towards her goal of figuring out DNA. Her having to give up a regular life with a husband and children is a pretty big price to pay. To have a life like that is what her father wanted for her. He wanted her to become a social worker and not go to college but Rosalind’s mom made him change his mind. She still didn’t forgive him though, for not supporting her in the beginning.
Rosalind Franklin put herself at risk every day. Not from being alone or living in Europe during World War II but from the deadly rays the x-ray crystallography machine emits while turned on. Doing that only to find...

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