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Rouge Waves Essay

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Demetrius Cameron Gordwin

Rogue Waves

Since the first ship set sail on the deep blue sea there has been many stories and myths.   Stories of pirates and their treasures and monsters that live in the deepest parts of the ocean.   There were even tales of waves that were so high that they could swallow a ship   and destroy it in a matter of minutes.   They called them freak waves or   massive waves.   But like all old stories and myths, for centuries   the idea of such a thing was only a folklore.   But could you imagine such a thing.   A wave so big that it can get as high as 35m or 113ft in a matter of minutes.   That is what I am here to talk to you about.   My paper is about the phenomenon we call Rogue Waves.   In this paper I will tell about   the history of rogue waves, how they are formed, where they usually strike and where they originally started.
It was said that freak waves only came every ten thousands years. But over the next several years the folklore of these so called freaks waves became more and more a reality, and then it happened. The idea of freak waves hit front page news and even got a new name. According to the History.com, on March 11th , 1861 at midday the lighthouse on Eagle Island , off the West coast of Ireland was struck by the sea smashing 23 panes, washing some of the lamps down the stairs, and damaging the reflectors with broken glass beyond repair. In order to damage the uppermost portion of the lighthouse, water would have had to surmount a

seaside cliff measuring 40 m (133 feet) and a further 26 m (87 feet) of lighthouse structure. (History.com) Later on in the 1900 hundreds, there were several more reports of ships being hit by what was said to be a freak wave or rogue wave. One of the most famous ships to get hit by a rogue wave was the Queen Mary. In 1942 while carrying 15,000 American troops 608 nautical miles (700 mi/1,126 km) from Scotland during a gale, RMS Queen Mary was broadsided by a 92-foot (28 m) wave and...

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