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Rudolph Hoess Essay

  • Submitted by: polimorphism
  • on December 8, 2008
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For my social studies project, I chose to research Rudolf Hoess. Hoess joined the SS in 1933, and became part of Hitler’s regime. In 1934 he stayed attached to the SS in Dachau up until August 1938. He was later appointed Commandant of Auschwitz in 1940, which resulted in Hoess discovering a new and improved way of killing in the gas chamber. Normally Jews were killed in the chambers by carbon monoxide, but that was not enough for Hoess, he needed to go above and beyond with the way he exterminated an entire race.
In 1941 he was given orders from Adolf Eichman of the “Final Solution” to the Jewish question. Rudolf Hoess was a Perpetrator for he conducted many acts that were morally wrong or criminal. Hoess’s original decision to join Hitler’s regime in 1933 began him down the path of morally wrong and criminal acts.
Rudolf Hoess fled at the oncoming Red Army and went into hiding in Germany under the name Franz Lang. He was arrested by Allied military police in 1946, and then handed over to the Polish authorities who tried him in 1947. He was sentenced to death, and returned to his old camp Auschwitz to be hanged on the one-person gallows outside the entrance to the gas chamber.
Hoess claimed during his time in Auschwitz that the number killed was “only two million,” but in the end his testimonial at his trial read “estimated 2.5 million Jews gassed and another 500,000 succumbed to starvation on top of that to make a grand total of over three millions deaths in total.” With three million dead, Rudolf Hoess was a Perpetrator.

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