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Run Away Essay

  • Submitted by: riri1511
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 593 words

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To whom ever it concerns,
If your finding this note then I obviously ran away.. All im taking is my clothes and my wallet. You have my keys and my phone. I don’t know how ill get in touch but itll happen eventually. Im sick of being treated like the worst piece of shit that ever existed.. And everyone in this family knows its true…   mom complains about Daniel but she spoils the fuck out of him and gives him everything he wants… including 600$ this month for “Beginner Broadway Lessons”   and hes been stealing make up and other stuff from mom for MONTHS. Patrick… where to begin…. He trys to find out what im doing wrong so he can BLACK MAIL me so I give him money and if I cant he snitches on me to yall to earn money… its funny because yall never realized why he couldn’t get a job.. HES A DRUG ADDICT for GODS SAKE!   He always has eye drops a lighter and he always looks like hes fucked up… I had a WHOLE bottle of HYDROCODONE cough medicine go missing, that’s a narcotic pain killer BTW… also ive been having money disappearing out of my wallet and my room… im sorry.. But there is not point in living here any more all I do is end up getting hurt or screwed over in the end…   ALSO since yall think yall are such great parents   Ive been depressed   suicidal for 3 months and not one of you have even taken the time to say anything to me or ask me how I was doing.. Yall are to busy stuck up daniels ass.. And im sick of it… Why do you think all I do is come home and eat then go to sleep. And for the record.. I havnt   had ANY alcohol since I got my truck towed, havnt smoked pot since I got caught over a year ago…   But its okay im the alcoholic drug addict right?
Ill remember that for the rest of my life because it’s the reason I hate you now… you judged your own son… and you wernt even right….   And I DIDN’T sneak out Wednesday either I went out side 1 time to smoke a cigarette and my truck was still there, after that I don’t know I went to sleep.I smoke cigarettes because it calms...

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