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Russian Revolution! Essay

  • Submitted by: vuductam32
  • on February 27, 2011
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Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution is a mark of a turning point in the Russian politics. We could say that from an Autocracy government converted into a communist-kind-of government. And the reasons for this “Revolution” to occurred are a lot, but generally, there are main five reasons and they are the humiliating of the military losses; weak and undeveloped; Tsar’s weak leadership; and due to that weak leadership, it leads us to the third cause which the limited or lack of citizen participation; and then the problems with the peasants and urban poor, so all of that sum up together, it created the “Bloody Sunday”. So those five reasons are the “fuel” to ignite the plan for “Russian Revolution” in 1917.
The humiliating military losses and the weakness of the armed forces is one of the many reasons that cause the Russian Revolution. During the period of World War, a massive numbers of military casualties occurred under the Tsar’s weak leadership, the most typical example for this is the Russo-Japanese War. That was the time when Russia and Japan were in a competition for lands, specifically those areas are Manchuria and Korea so they have settle an agreement between two countries, but later on Russia break the terms in the agreement, which cause the anger of the Japanese and later on we have the Russo-Japanese war, and due to the undevelopment and poor equipped troops, the results were easy to be predict, Russia completely loses the fight and it didn’t stop there, later on, we have the Russians fight over the Germany and this time was the same as the last time, Russia completely loses. So all of those military humiliations all pointed to only one reason and it was because of weak generals and undeveloped, poor equipped troops. As the war went on, more troops were loss, which lead to Russia’s social life got worse, army supply neglected, the Tsar left without hope for victory and so the Duma formed the “soldiers deputies” and lead to the establish of the...

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