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Russian standard Vodka: The premium one Essay

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Abstract & brief summary

  This report purpose is to analyze the market strategies for a premium Russian vodka brand – Russian Standard Vodka (MNE) to enter China's market. In general, MNEs have different strategies in the foreign regions especially in China which is a   emerging economy. The original home region of Russia standard vodka is Russia and it has launched several campaign to attack the global market (Ahmed, 2007) focusing on Europe & North America but not China, therefore my research is using China market to illustrate the natures and challenges of emerging economy to Russian Standard Vodka and other Multinational enterprises (MNEs) while demonstrating market entries and related strategies at the same time.

  As one of the country with fastest economic growth, China environment variances bring potential profitabilities together with risks to all interested MNEs. The MNEs need to plan up the suitable entry strategies firstly and ensure the support in the host countries are enough with global and local resources. This is suggested that the knowledge for operational efficiency in host countries can be acquired from joint-ventures or acquisition, that makes the entrants easier to adapt the market.

  At the same time, it demonstrates Russian Standard Vodka's lesson learned from the entry to China through different natures of strategies illustrated and recommends further steps to be success in the invasion to China as a MNEs.

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