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Sa Sa Essay

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The major problems facing Sa Sa are maintaining profitability and a competitive advantage.   Sa Sa going public led to the imitators of Sa Sa’s business model.   Parallel importation does not provide the margins Sa Sa saw during its initial growth.   In order to maintain profitability and its competitive advantages, Sa Sa must leverage its brand name, continue to provide knowledgeable staff along with excellent customer service, and advertise its house brands.   Advertising must be focused on the Sa Sa customer: the “Real Spender.”   Sa Sa must also extricate itself from the heath service industry to lower staffing costs and forego the health food initiative, Yuerong Beauty Preserver, in order to avoid brand dilution.  
Unfortunately, Sa Sa is no longer able to leverage parallel importation as a competitive advantage as it did during its initial growth.   This initial growth, however, did provide the opportunity for Sa Sa to establish an excellent brand image and customer service.   Sa Sa’s brand equity has created the opportunity to capitalize on the 60% margin of house brands and the 18% growth in turnover of house brands over the last two years.   Since its customer is the “Real Spender,” Sa Sa should target the “Real Spender” with advertising and promotion.   Targeting the “Real Spender” will increase the appeal of house brands to the point where they will become premium products in the mind of the consumer.   Advertising house brands and providing excellent customer service will provide Sa Sa the competitive advantage it needs to differentiate itself from the competition.   Additionally, Sa Sa should forgo the health service opportunity and stick to its core competencies.   The shift to service resulted in increased staffing costs, which led to lower profit margins over the last year.   Sa Sa must limit its joint ventures to providing only Sa Sa products.   Therefore, Phillip Wain services and the 2nd line health spa should be removed from the strategic initiatives....

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