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Sadi Essay

  • Submitted by: ilovecubans
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 738 words

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The laughter was evil and loud. You could hear it throughout the building. The shackles on my hands and feet dug through my skin. The guards took us down a never-ending red hallway, and ordered for us to walk faster. At this point, we were practically running. Next thing I knew, we were being beaten brutally. “Get up little children, run!” the head guard ordered sternly. As we continued to walk down the hallway, a door appeared to the right of us. The guard opened the door, and the room appeared to be completely black. As we walked in, we shrunk into the size of caterpillars. The guard bent over and picked us up, “Have fun in your new home.” We were frozen with fear as we stood in the palm of his hand. He carelessly threw us into the dark empty space, and we watched as he walked out of the door. I gazed at the doorway, and cherished the last sight of light before it abdicated. The guard quickly slammed the door, and the darkness endured. I looked around myself and tried to find the other two prisoners who came in with me. “Hello?” I called out into the darkness. “I’m over here,” a man’s voice called out. I followed his voice and quickly found him, “Where are we?” the man asked anxiously. “I have no idea, I know just as much as you do,” I continued, “I was sleeping, and when I woke up, I was in shackles.” “Well, let’s find a way out of here,” he said, “I’m Stephen by the way.” “My name’s Brooke, we’ll find a way out, let’s go.” For hours, we desperately searched for an escape. As I continued to explore the room, I started to feel aggravated and pessimistic, “Just forget it, we’re going to die in here. There’s no way out, it’s impossible,” I stated negatively. “Brooke, we’ll find a way out, I promise. Just keep looking, we’re in this together,” Stephen said trying to encourage me. Unexpectedly, I tripped on an object. “Are you alright?” asked Stephen. “Yeah, I’m okay, I tripped on something. What the heck was that?” I curiously felt the floor searching for the...

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