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Sale Summary

  • Submitted by: randomroom
  • on December 6, 2008
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Anita Desai writes the short story, “Sale” in contemporary India. In the beginning of the story, we are introduced to an unshaven man. He sits quietly dropping cigarette butts on the floor of a messy, unlit art room. The banging against the door and the querulous voices are left ignored by the unnamed man as he decides to push an inner door ajar. On the other side of the inner door, he discovers his wife kneading dough in a brass bowl and his little child. He watches them, silently, absorbing the little details in, such as the long hair brooding down his wife’s shoulders or his son’s soft, wavering fingers touching ‘unsympathetic’ steel, using metaphors to describe the little details that he sees. It is not long after, though, that his wife hears more banging against the door of their house and looks up to him, angrily requesting that he opens the door.
As the unnamed man opens the door he is met with two men and a woman. The woman, whom he believes to be as nice looking as his own wife, is embodied by enameled ear-rings, this being a sign of wealth and a luxurious lifestyle. The unnamed man remains silent, burdened by the sign of wealth easily dangling down the woman’s ears and the two other men stare in wonder at his silence, wondering if they were welcomed or not. The unnamed man confirms so that he was expected his visitors, but appears to be unhealthy and sluggish, “his face looking like a house from which ghosts had driven away all inhabitants.” A sign of his hard life affecting his outer appearance but also a symptom of the lack of light that he has had received from the dull, dim lit room in which he works.
One man then introduces his wife as an artist, just like the unhealthy unnamed man and reveals to us that the three visitors arrived to look at his drawings and asks to step into the dark unlit art room of the still unnamed man. The man, “gathering himself together with a labored effort, and steps aside to let them in”, a clear indication of the...

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