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Salem Witch Trial Essay

  • Submitted by: gjnolyat641
  • on December 11, 2008
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Usually when thinking about witches we think of brooms, coulodrons, warts, black, and cats, however the people of salem had totally different views. They believd witches just acted different .Jonathan Edwards "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" also had similar views about how God felt about his people or as Edwars would say worms and spiders. The Puritans believed in original sin and predestination. In Salem Mass around the 1690's many non puritans came to America to escape execution but some underwent execution ,once again ,by the Puritans . In the Salem Witch trials different people were being executed . Because girls of many diverse caste accused them. The Puritan religious beliefs led to the Salem witch trails in New England.
Puritans at that time had inumerable reasons that led to the belief that God felt angry.They believed in predestination which ment God already knew who was going to hell. If citizens didnt look, talk, or act like every other citizen they deserved the label of a sinner.   Most people used predestination as a way to ignore others and let them know that they were going to hell and outkast them.   Edwards uses the images of a Bow and arrow , "Bow of God's wrath is bent" to show the anger that God has for the labeled sinners. This quote expresses the fact that God has his eye already set on the people who he wants to bring down he has already selected   them. Puritans also used the thought of original sin meaning that humans are born naturally in sin. Obviously this proves God's anger because the thought of original sin came from the Bible and the Puritans believed that the Bible is the word of God.   This brings up the fact that humans cant be forgiven because they were born from sin. Edwards states that humans are being "raised dead in sin" . This ties into the thought of original sin because God does not want to forgive any one because everyone is being raised in sin and he doesnt like sinners. Puritans tenacious beliefs about the Bible...

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