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Salutary Neglect Essay

  • Submitted by: jd_isme
  • on December 9, 2008
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Salutary Neglect was a policy, of sorts, upheld by the British Empire toward the New World Colonies, which played a main part in contributing to the Revolutionary War. During the Neglect period the British imperial authority was not asserting the power it had over the colonist and they were left to govern themselves. Without the British being there Legislative Assemblies, Commerce and Trade, and Religion all had opportunities to develop a nature and identity that was separate from Great Britain. These things to, played a huge part in the start of the Revolution.

Without the British Parliament and King standing over the developing states like an angry watchdog, the Legislative Assemblies of almost every colony had a chance to develop and became capable of governing themselves more successfully than Parliament was doing at the time. So when Great Britain came back and tried to take control once again, the Assemblies resisted, believing that they would be able to govern themselves much more efficiently than the British government because they were here, and the British were not. With the British back in the picture though, pushing through acts and raising taxes, the colonist started to agree more and more with there own Assembly. This growing resentment spread like wildfire from colony to colony.

Trade and Commerce was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, factors in the War in my opinion. Before 1750 the colonist had enjoyed trade with almost whomever they wanted, with minimal interference from there mother country. But when the British tried to take back over, they started imposing new rules and regulation, such as the Navigation Acts and The Stamp Act. This all made life in the colonies much harder, with all the extra money they had to pay. The Tea Tax was most likely truly the straw that broke the camels back. This tax led to the Boston Tea Party, which led to the increase in troop numbers in the Colonies, which led to the spark of the war in Lexington....

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