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Salutary Neglect Essay

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  • on December 15, 2008
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During the time of salutary neglect, especially during it early periods before 1750, Great Britain permitted its North American colonies to decide for themselves the extent to which they tolerated religion. Every single state settled on its own individual status, so therefore, they displayed a wide range of tolerance from the extremely strict to the very liberal degree of tolerance that this nation practices today.
Settled primarily for the specific purpose of religious freedom, the New England colonies focused almost all aspects of life around church (Most commonly the Puritan church). Many of the immigrants belonged to families with established moral values and rules of conduct. With the exception of Rhode Island and the slightly more traditional Anglican practices on Connecticut, all of these colonies were puritanical. England’s lack of attention toward these colonies allowed them to flourish exactly the way their founders had intended. In some cases, however, this religiousness went a little too far. During the Salem Witch Trials, nineteen women and two dogs were lynched because of the suspicion of worshiping the devil. Roger Williams was exiled from Massachusetts Bay for “dangerous opinions” in hopes of creating a totally secular colony in which anybody can practice as they wished as long as it didn’t interfere with anybody else. After Roger Williams was exiled he founded the very liberal state of Rhode Island. His philosophies and laws made Rhode Island probably the safest place for Catholics, Jews, and Quakers, until William Penn founded the state of Pennsylvania in 1681.
The middle colonies are a blend of different religious tolerances that act as a buffer zone between the Anglican South and the Puritanical New England. New Netherlands (present day New York) was severely strict toward religion, even during the reign of Peter Stuyvesant and being a company town. Quakers were often flogged to near death in this harsh colony. On the other hand,...

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