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Sand Testing Essay

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To experiment on the process of carbon dioxide molding preparation.
To have on hand experience/practical on preparing molding.

          1) Silica Sand
          2) Water
          3) CO2 Gas
          4) Sodium Silicate

          1) Sand mixture

          1) Trowel
          2) Lifter
          3) Rammer

The other methods which is widely used in making cores and occasionally
for moulds is to use sodium silicate as a binder. This is essentially a quick
process of core or mould preparation. The mould is prepared with a
mixture of sodium silicate and sand and then treated with carbon dioxide
for two or three minutes such that a dry compressive strength is achieved.

          1) All materials and equipment is prepared.
          2) Material is being weight before it is mix.
          3) Silica sand and sodium silicate is mixed inside the mixer until the
              appropriate sand condition wanted.
          4) After that,sand is being tested after it is prepared.
          5) Fill the sand until it is full and lever the surface of the upper face of mould.
          6) Knock everyside of the mould which had been filled with sand for easy removal afterward.
          7) Then, few small holes are being made on the surface of mould sand.
          8) CO2 is inserted into all the mould holes by inserting the hose in between two fingernails into the holes. This is to prevent from sand from blowing up due to high pressure.
          9) All holes is been filled by the CO2 gas and been ensured that the mould becomes solid and hard. If else, continue filling the CO2 gas.
          10) Molding flask is then being turned upside down to remove the mould.
          11) Mould is been glued together by spreading “     “ on its surface and two separated mould is...

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