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Savage Span Essay

  • Submitted by: meldavisss
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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Issue Brief #2

It seems as though most would be disturbed and find the study of violent children a touchy subject. While reading in Kellarman’s novel I observed the thought process that has been observed within violent children. This novel expanded my knowledge on some of the reasons and explanations for some of the violent acts that occur with children.
To start off his novel, Kellarman introduces his topic of discussion by telling an interesting story of a boy who once came to see him for therapy with his Grandma. During this story, the author describes the behavior behind this boy and why he stood out much more than any other patients Kellarman had worked with. The author concludes this story with very strong beliefs and reasoning why he was so sure the boy he was counseling was a psychopathic child. After this story was told, I noticed that the real main characteristic of psychopathic child is their lack of having emotion and sympathy.
  In his novel, Kellarman seems to point out that he believes if a child kills, in an unemotional way, that child should be locked up for his or her lifetime. This statement is can be very controversial because I find it highly likely that some people would find that the decision in locking up a child for his or her lifetime debatable. I can easily see how some would find this also debatable because every child and situation they are in are extremely different.   After reading his novel, and picking up information from other novels relating to this topic, I agree with him in a sense that locking up a child after he or she has killed and shows major characteristics of psychopathy is necessary. He supports his statement by saying if one has killed before and gets locked up, we have no real way of knowing if they will kill again once they are released. He explains this in detail when saying, “...but once they get out of prison, their recidivism rate is significantly higher than that of other released convicts....

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