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Saving Sourdi Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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Nea is constantly struggling in her relationship with Sourdi, her sister. She seems to slip in and out of reality surrounding her fantasies of life as she narrates “Saving Sourdi” in the first-perspective. The girls’ very different perspectives and varying abilities to cope ultimately pushes them apart. Nea’s ideas of the ‘American Dream’ are freedom and power to do what you need to and want to, while Sourdi is ready to settle with what life hands her. She does not aspire for more than what she can presently grasp. Nea cannot understand why her big sister, her savior, would give up on their dreams of running away and settle for just being a housewife. Why she would abandon their love, and their life. She struggles with what threatens their lives and dreams: the differences in their early upbringings, various men entering their lives, and the unraveling of her naïve view of the world. As you explore the characters of both sisters you can see why Nea sees life as unfair and stifling. You can see why she is trying to ‘Save Sourdi.’  
“…Sourdi had walked across a mine field, carrying me on her back. She was nine and I was four,” (Chai 138) recalls Nea of her earliest childhood memory. This memory has built the backbone of their relationship.   It began the love affair Nea has with Sourdi, her savior, and her sister.
Nea has always been a dreamer and held ideals for what life should be like for her and her sister. “We used to say that we’d run away, Sourdi and me. … We’d go to California to the stars. Paris. London.” (Chai 131) Nea has a hard time letting the reality of life take a hold, she is always dreaming. Her sister Sourdi once shared the ideas of running away, but theses ambitions have slowly passed, as she has gotten older. Sourdi was much older than Nea when they moved to the United States and perhaps the differences in their early upbringings has influenced the way they perceive a woman’s role in society. Nea has come to believe that a woman can dream and...

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