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Scandals Essay

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Below is an essay on "Scandals" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


              A scandal is widely exposed incident that involves misconducts or wrongdoings whether in politics, academia, or other areas. Most of us think that a scandal is a very disturbing matter. Alternatively, some people think that a scandal might be useful for society. I strongly disagree with them, because scandals can not be useful in any way.

              Those who disagree with the idea that scandals can be useful have many reasons to back up their argument. They assert that scandals can be based on false allegations; therefore it would destroy innocent people's reputations. Another thing is that people get very obsessed with gossips and scandals that it becomes their main interest in their life. They search for it in the news or on television.

          On the other hand, some people claim that scandal can be useful. They allege that scandals focus our attention on problems hidden in our society. They say that no body dares to mention these problems or talk about it, unlike scandals which expose everything.  

          People who support scandals can not be right. They claim that it helps revealing certain problems to solve it. I think that any major problem can not stay hidden for long. There are many ways to solve problems rather then exposing people to such bad ideas. Moreover, digging for a scandal and failing may bring out another scandal.

          In conclusion, scandals issue is a very arguable one. some people think it can be useful, and some think they can never be. Why can't people just leave each other alone and live in peace?!

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