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The Scarelt Pimpernel Essay

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  • on December 14, 2008
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The Weight of Responsibility                                                
Have you ever taken someone or something for granted? Have you ever thought that you could not do a particular task as good as someone else? Having a main role or responsibility is a huge task, which we as readers take for granted in the main protagonist of the story. The protagonist is the character in which all the main events are based around. This person is usually the hero of the novel and takes on a huge responsibility throughout the novels events. In the novel, The Scarlet Pimpernel, the chivalrous and devious Sir Percy carries the emotional weight as the protagonist throughout the novel.  
To begin, Sir Percy has a split character, which he had to pull off secretly. Living a secret life, on its own is a huge weight, and a lot of stress to keep it that way. As for Sir Percy, the book describes him as, “tall, above average, broad shouldered and massively built, he was unusually good looking…except for the lazy expression in his eyes (Baroness Orczy, pg. 39).” At the beginning of the novel, there was no hint at even guessing that Sir Percy was an intelligent being and that he held so much back from everyone. Most of the characters treated him as a no-good man, and spoke of him as being very lazy. They expressed the wonder of why Marguerite even married him, as she was an intelligent, well-dressed lady. Meanwhile, the females described Sir Percy who was also the Scarlet Pimpernel, “We ladies think of him as a hero of old, we worship him, we wear his badge, we tremble for him when he is in danger and exalt him in the hour of his victory (pg. 56).” These opinions were very opposite of the ones expressed of Sir Percy by these very same characters, how hard would it be to pull off two totally different personalities? Sir Percy did an immaculate job at hiding his “true” identity until the end of the novel, when he was in the intense and intimate(ßis this the right word???) most danger....

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