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Scheming Essay

  • Submitted by: sexy_brittany
  • on December 8, 2008
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Scheming plays a big part in The School For Wives, it   also has a lot to do with The Life Of A Sensuous women. There are two ways scheming can be done either for good or for bad, but mostly it is done in the wrong way, for someone’s own   personal benefit. When most people think of scheming it doesn’t come to mined that it can be used in a good way because it is continuously used in a negative way; however, it can be and it is in one of these stories.
In the school for wives the whole story is pretty much scheming. It starts with him when he bought a young lady at the age of four. He know what he was doing, so therefore he had to of had a plan. His plan was to buy a young girl, raise her to be ignorant, so he could control her, and make her do whatever he would like her to do. He thinks that if he molds her to be this ignorant woman she would be the perfect wife. His plan didn’t necessarily work out the way he planed. It started out on track he bought this young girl from a woman with financial problems. He TRIES to raise her to be ignorant. Yes, he raises her; however, the ignorant part is not there so much, not to his knowledge. He cheats on her. But he doesn’t want or expect her to cheat on him because that’s not something a perfect wife would do. He must have some sort of trust issued if he feels like he had to control her every move, or maybe its   fear of being hurt. He goes so far as to pay the church convent to teach her the wrong tings. They teach her to be stupid, ignorant, and to do as he says do. Witch is hard to believe because it’s a convent so he must of paid him an enormous amount of money. While his scheme is known she has a hidden scheme of her own. She is not the stupid, ignorant woman that he thinks of her to be. She   is actually really smart and she starts to reveal how smart she really is. When she se starts showing him different he like that much more, and it its then when he actually falls in love with her. This whole play is bases on...

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