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Schizophrenia Essay

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  • on July 30, 2009
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Schizophrenia is a complex disorder because it is not entirely understood. There are several different symptoms that can be associated with the disorder that can also be symptoms of other psychiatric disorders. The symptoms associated with schizophrenia can change over the progression of the disorder as well (Pinel, 2007). There are also several theories on how schizophrenia develops. There is no one cause or area of the brain that can be singled out as the sole cause of this disorder (Schizophrenia Aetiology).
Schizophrenia is believed to affect several different areas of the brain. The areas of the brain that are implicated are determined in part by the symptoms that are present in patients with schizophrenia. The main areas of the brain implicated in the development of schizophrenia are the forebrain, the hind brain and the limbic system (Schizophrenia Aetiology). In the forebrain the frontal lobe is responsible for controlling movement and planning behavior. The hindbrain contains the pons and cerebellum which coordinates motor activity and regulates sleep patterns. The limbic system controls emotional behavior with the amygdale and the formation of memories with the hippocampus (Schizophrenia Aetiology).
There is no single cause of schizophrenia. A common belief is that a variety of factors are involved in the development of schizophrenic potential and in the development of the disorder itself (Pinel, 2007). Studies show that there is a great possibility of a genetic factor associated with the disorder. Although this disorder only appears in one percent of the overall population, those with the disorder have a ten percent chance of having a close relative with the disorder as well (Pinel, 2007). Studies of twins have shown that when one twin has schizophrenia there is a 45% chance that the other twin will have symptoms as well if they are identical. There is a ten percent chance of both twins having symptoms is they are fraternal twins...

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