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scholarship essay

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While my academic achievement at .......... does offer some insight as to my abilities and work ethic, my experiences as both a sailor and a mother have defined me and helped me cultivate the characteristics of which I am most proud.
            In June 2001, I enlisted in the United States Navy.   Over the next six years, I faced challenges that I did not dream possible.   I served on two, six-month deployments as an Operations Specialist.   I was able to advance quickly, earning the designations of Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist and Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist in 2005.   These designations required hours of study and reflected my dedication to the Navy and my self-improvement.   These successes gave me a confidence that I previously lacked, and I developed strength of character that up until then, I did not know I had in me.
            The Navy also allowed me to experience different cultures which gave me a unique perspective on the world and allowed me to see things I would never have under normal circumstances.   During my time in Africa, I witnessed poverty that was indescribable and in such stark contrast from the Westernized nations I had visited previously.   It was there that I began to realize the responsibility we have as Americans and human beings to help those less fortunate.   I am proud of my part, though small, in helping improve the conditions for the African people I met.   I also traveled to the Middle East, in both 2002 and 2005.   I met and spoke with Iraqi soldiers, whose courage to fight for their freedom inspired me.   There, I learned never to take for granted the opportunities that I have.  
            In 2003, my life changed drastically once more when I became a mother.   I always knew that I wanted to go to college someday, but when I had ............ I knew that someday needed to become today.   I enrolled at ............, with the long-term goal of obtaining a four-year degree in Psychology, followed by a Master of Science in...

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