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Sci-Fi Story Essay

  • Submitted by: katblake20
  • on February 27, 2011
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The Great Escape.


The electric doors hummed open, the light turned from red to green showing that we had arrived at our destination and the soft female voice announced “water room, sector H”. She made it sound like an invitation to some lavish ball but when I stepped out I found myself in damp grey room filled with tanks of water which floated, hovering a couple of inches above the floor with rusty taps dripping slightly. Down here in the lowest levels of the ships no one cared for appearances, all any one cared about was pleasing the Captain although for the life of me I can’t see why anyone would want to make that bitch happy.

I grabbed an old bucket and took it over to the closest tap but try as I might I couldn’t shift the damn thing. I turned and tried the other tap attached to the tank, I had to pull with all my strength but eventually I got a small trickle of water which would have to do. After the bucket was full to the brim I had to struggle with the tap to turn it off, once I had finally stopped the water I had the excellent job of lugging it all the way up to sector A.

Captain Yteppa

The electric doors hummed open, the light turned from red to green showing that she had arrived at her quarters then a deep husky male voice announced “Captain Yteppas sleeping quarters, sector A, please place your chin on the cushion and stare into the light,” she gently put my head on the cushion and stared at the light, there was a flash which hurt her eye for just a second. The voice restarted “Welcome Captain Yteppa, you have 5 new messages.” There was a click and the doors glided open and she entered her quarters.

She sat down on the deep scarlet chair, as soon as she made contact with it she sunk down into the soft, fluffy cushions then she pressed the relax button on the   panel on the arm of the chair the chair stated to hover, the room darkened and a hologram appeared on the far wall. Since we had been away she had missed watching the usual...

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