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Science Essay

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Practical report
Microscope practical report
Date: 31/10/08
Aim:   The main purpose of this practical session was to learn and become familiar of how to operate a Ziess binocular microscope. Another aim of this practical was to set up the microscope for critical illumination to observe stained blood cell films using the Leishmans stain.  
During this practical the microscope that was used was called the Zeiss binocular microscope. This microscope is specifically designed for observing and illuminating cells. This practical was heavily based on the using the following functions of the microscope: The eye piece, prism, revolving nose piece, magnifier (*10, *40 and *100), clips, focus control (coarse and fine), condenser iris, condenser control, and the filter tray. The method of staining that was used was the Leishmans stain that was used was to stain the blood cells this was to enhance the visualisation and contrast. The Leishmans stain is often used to identify leucocytes, malaria parasites, and trypanosomes; it is a combination of methylene blue and eosin. The eosin was used to colour the red blood cells, cytoplasmic material, cell membranes, and extracellular structures pink or red. The methylene blue was specifically used to make the nuclei more visible. The cells that where observed were dead cells this was to ensure the environment was safe and avoid spreading any viruses or infections.   After exploring the microscope and films and learning its functions, a stained blood cell film was placed on the stage for observation.  
The fundamental materials that where used during this practical follow below:
• Ziess binocular microscope
• Red blood cell film
• Immersion oil
• Gloves
• Laboratory coats
• Lens wipes
• Leishman stain (eosin and methylene blue)

This practical relied heavily on the microscope due to the culture of the practical. The first basic and essential steps of the practical were to simply remove the microscope...

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