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science in veds Essay

  • Submitted by: itiakkaer10
  • on February 23, 2009
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Blind faith in the Vedas has led the hindus to consider them as an unlimited source of knowledge and even trace their authorship to God.

In the last century, when discoveries and advancement of science began fast changing life patterns around the world, the reaction was varied. Some were for all out support to the scientists to go ahead, while others preached caution. And even as the controversy continued, the expanding horizons of science encouraged the spirit of competition and generally increased apetite for knowledge.

But in India the reaction was quite different. For the followers of the Veds tried to establish that all scientific knowledge had already existed in the Veds. The western scientists, they claimed were only rediscovering the truths.

Some of their co-religionists, influenced by Western education and culture, ridiculed these absurd views and as a result, Hindus began developing inferiority complex and losing faith in religion.

To counter this feeling, the religious teachers and the educated elite, which itself was steeped in orthodoxy, started giving scientific interpretations to the absurd beliefs. The main purpose of such interpretations was to instil self-confidence among the hindus and make them stick to their religion firmly. However, the expalnations offered were not scientific but were concocted to suit specific purposes.

Plenty of examples of such scientific explanations can be given. Among them are:

The tuft of hair on the crown of the head, a religious mark of devout hindu possesses electromagnetic power.

A dip in the Ganga is benificial because certain Western scientist has proved that its waters posses therapeutic qualities.

The 'Satyanarayan Vrat' a vow observed during full moon day, has the power to reduce the gravitational force between the sun and the moon.

The illumination by oil lamps in the Diwali night helps to burnaway a poisunous gas which is emmited on that particular evening.


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