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Science paper

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Our oceans hold many forms of life. Most notably, they hold fish. Over the past 50 years or so, commercial fishermen have been using many different techniques to try and catch all different kinds of fish. Some fishermen use cages, some use harpoons, others use netting to try and trap fish in order to pull them onto boats and into holding tanks. Many view these techniques as cruel and inhumane, but the biggest problem that results in these techniques is over-fishing. This is when commercial fishing leaves an area barren or close to barren of fish. Plans have been developed to try and combat this problem, and I have created one that will benefit both humans, and marine life.

The problem with trying to keep tabs on over-fishing, is that there is no possible way for the fishermen to know exactly how many fish are in a particular location. Once they have caught what they feel is enough to make a profit, then they leave and go to another area. This is what leads to the fluctuating fish populations that scientists have been monitoring for the past few decades. Many plans have been attempted, but the severity of them makes fishing next to impossible. For some people, it is the only life that they have known, and they need a plan that will help them as well as the fish.

The plan that I have created, is one that takes into consideration the lifestyles of fishermen, and also the safety of the fish population. Step one in the plan is to see how many fish were in the oceans at a particular point in time, and then see how many fish have been caught since that time, to begin making a quota of how many fish would be allowed each month. Step two is the actual quota making, which is a process that will continue once the plan is approved, and will be a month to month basis. Steps three and four are meetings to make sure that we have enough support to enforce the quotas and that it is fine with both the fishermen and the environmental groups. Step five will be another month to...

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